Apply and fly!

Apply to TBBMI before April 15th and win a taylormade private flight where you can bring up to 2 friends!

Win a flight over Oslo with your friends that is according to your wishes on a private flight, and try out as a pilot! Enjoy the spectacular view and feel the gravity! You will be able to try out as a pilot and even experience some simple acrobatics if desired.

Competition rules:
– Everyone who applies is eligible to win
– The application must be complete by the 15th of April, and must include a consent where we can use your name for promotional purposes.
– The winner gets to bring up to 2 friends
– The winner will be randomly chosen
– The application needs to be approved & applicant present on the first day of school
– Flying will be in Oslo (Norway) on a date to be decided with the winner during the first school semester