2nd Year – Preaching and Missions


The year gives:

  • Leadership training
  • Experience of God’s power in your life and other people’s lives
  • Individual coaching helping you to find your ministry area
  • Experience to lead in a practical, missions or evangelistic work


The teaching goes deeper and is at a higher level than the first year. Engaging lectures where students participate in preaching exercises, group work and other practical exercises contribute greatly towards concretizing theory and doctrine.

The subjects for the PM-year are the following*:

  • Bible subject 2

  • Christian life 2

  • Ministry subjects

  • Preaching

  • Missions and evangelization 2

  • Church 2

  • Doctrines 2

  • Leadership

  • Practice

* The subjects cover numerous specialisation areas with a total of 1160 hours.


“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.”
Matthew 7:24

Ministry practice is a significant part of the 2nd year at TBBMI. As a student you will participate weekly in an area of ministry throughout the year, as well as complete a 10-week full time practice in the spring. Areas of practice include youth ministry, media, worship ministry, church building and missions.

The goal of the practice is for you to deepen your understanding and experience in the area of work that you have chosen and discover the growth that can only come through practical application of the Word.

Student conversations

During the 2nd year we continue to offer individual student conversations throughout the school year. Since the 2nd year focuses on ministry and leadership training, these conversations are aimed at helping you develop as a leader in your ministry as well as encouraging you in your personal life of faith.

All students who have completed the 1st year at TBBMI are eligible for a 2nd year, as well as those who can document completion of a year at another Bible school with a similar range of subjects as the 1st year at TBBMI.

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Apply to TBBMI before April 15th and win a taylor made private flight where you can bring up to 2 friends!
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