Application criteria

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Applicants for TBBMI must turn 18 years old during the admission year.



Due to the practical profile of the school and the values at the ministry sites, active Christian ministry experience is required. Active Christian ministry means that you have had leadership or practical tasks in a Christian church or organization during the last three years.

This needs to be documented by your leader or pastor, by filling digitally our Practice Documentation form.


The school has continuous intake until the first school day. If there are still available spots in the school by then, the intake will continue until September 28th during the year of the intake. We have the capacity of taking in 94 students after this rule.

Maximum 10 percent of the school’s accepted number, which means 11 people, can be citizens from countries outside the EEA. This limit is only for citizens that have a residence permit for studies. For this group the school has a main intake on January the 10th.

For more informasjon read the Admission regulations


Read the admission regulations here:

Admission Regulations 2024-2025


The students must have satisfactory English competence in order to follow the teaching. The applicants may therefore be asked to prove this through a Skype conversation with our office.


Applicants from outside the EEA must be able to show that a complete application for visa/residence permit has been submitted within one month after the school has sent the confirmation letter of the approved study place. If this cannot be shown within the deadline, other applicants on the waiting list may be prioritised.

Please visit this link to get acquainted with all requirements from the UDI for Student Visa applications.

Student Visa application →


1) Fill in and submit the online application form.

2) Please include or send later the “practice documentation form

NB! Please note that the application is not complete and will not be evaluated before the practice documentation form is sent.

The Practice Documentation form must be filled in digitally by the applicant’s leader or pastor. When the document is filled in, it must be signed and authorized with the stamp of the church/organization and sent by the leader/pastor through email to inntak@tbbmi.no with a CC copy to the applicant. Other types of documentations are also accepted as long as it contains the same information requested in our form. Open Word documents, handwritten documents or documents with outdated contact information will be considered invalid.