3rd Year – Extended Ministry

A stepping stone for you into further ministry within missions, evangelism or church work.

The year gives:

Tailor-made full time practice
Experience with what full time ministry contains
The opportunity to go deeper in a subject you are passionate about


During the practice year we have three teaching weeks in school which contains teaching, coaching, group work and evaluation. The teaching contains:

  • Preparation for ministry
  • Value based leadership
  • Leaders to last
  • Youth ministry
  • Family and ministry
  • Intercession and counseling
  • And more…

Thesis & practice

“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.”
Matthew 7:24

During the 3rd year you get the chance to go in depth in a subject you are passionate about, and write a thesis about it. One day each week will be set aside for self studies. The thesis is meant to be a thesis for life.

Practice will be the main focus during the 3rd year. Four days a week (or similar in the amount of hours) you will get experienced in what full time ministry contains and practice what you have learnt.

Student conversations / Coaching

During the 3rd year you will regularly have conversations with one of the teachers in school. The purpose of these conversations is to prepare and support you of your tasks in ministry, in the writing of the thesis, and in the development of your calling and your gifts.

This opportunity is for you that have completed the 1st or 2nd year at TBBMI, or at a similar Bible school (you must be able to document a similar range of subjects as at TBBMI).