Practice: Jesus Church

“Upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.”
Matthew 16:18

A vibrant church in the heart of Oslo

Jesus Church is a living church located in different areas of the Oslo Region. We are in the center of Oslo (Markus Kirke, St.Hanshaugen), south of Oslo (Kolben, Kolbotn) and north of Oslo (church planting in Jessheim).

The heart beat of Jesus Church is to be a church of “disciples that makes disciples”. This vision is expressed in the small groups called Disciple Groups (DG’s). The DG’s gathers during the week in the homes. This is a place for fellowship, sharing of the Word of God, socializing and discipleship. If you will be joining Jesus Church during your year in TBBMI, you can be included in the program called “co-journeying”, which means you will walk alongside a leader where you will help each other to grow in faith and in Christ.

We also have Sunday services weekly in Jesus Church. Here you can serve in different practical areas such as:

  • Rigging team, responsible to rig everything up before the meeting and takes it down afterwards;
  • Ushering team, responsible to welcome people at the door and helping them to feel at home from the first moment;
  • Worship team: responsible to lead the church in worship before the throne of God;
  • Café and baking team: responsible to serve after the meetings, providing a good atmosphere for socializing;
  • Intercessor team: responsible to serve the people after the sermon;
  • VIP-team: responsible to give a special welcome to everyone visiting the church for the first time;
  • Media-team: responsible for taking and uploading photos and films to social medias with the goal to update the world about what’s going on in Jesus Church;
  • Jesus Kids-Team: responsible to lead the children church.

The engagement in these teams and ministries can be varying depending on the church location you will choose. Jessheim for example is in a church planting fase where you are able to serve in many different areas.

There will also arise more ministry opportunities in near future to help serve the Sunday services, especially in the church located in the center of Oslo, since it is the mother church.

As a bible school student in TBBMI, you have a possibility to join one these different teams in one of our church locations that you are interested in and serve alongside them.

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