Practice: Day & Night

“Therefore, through him let us always bring God a sacrifice of praise, that is, the fruit of our lips that confess his name. Do not neglect to do good and to be generous, for God is pleased with such sacrifices”.

Hebrews 13:15-16

NEW! – Day & Night –

Now we starting ”Day & Night”, a center for prayer, worship and mercy 24/7.

Join us! The Bible school Troens Bevis Bible og Missions Institute – TBBMI is now offering a brand new ministry practice in connection with the start up of ”Day & Night” in fall of 2018 in Markus Church in Oslo.

Day& Night is a center for worship, prayer and mercy that starts the 1. of September. It is a joint Christian ministry established in Church of Mark at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo.

The goal is a 24-hour centre; Day& Night. 8760 hours throughout the year of worship, prayer and mercy.

How can the vision be realized?

There need to be formed an alliance of churches, businesses, organizations, ministries, prayer houses, worship leaders, musicians intercessors, mercy workers, sound technicians, media and television workers and practical staff from all over the country and abroad, standing  together with Day & Night. This is a ministry for “all God’s people. ”

For more info visit Day&Night’s website here

To apply at Day&Night follow this link