Practice: Israel Next Experience

Israel Next experience is a one-month course in Israel and directed towards young people (up to the age of 35) who are interested in digging deeper into the fascinating topic of Israel and God’s purposes with her.

The course connects biblical Israel and modern Israel, and emphasises God’s design for this people through history up to our present time. Through lectures by Israeli experts and Israel Next staff, as well as excursions to sites off the beaten track, this course will give the participants an inside track; making them familiar with the people, the land and the culture.

In addition to dealing with the biblical material and the Jewish roots of Christianity, Israel Next Experience also includes topics such as Jewish history, Judaism, the establishment of Israel, Israeli society, the Arab-Israeli conflict, archaeology, Israel advocacy and much more.

For students who want to start or increase their Israel engagement, Israel Next Experience is a great investment.

In addition you will as a student of TBBMI be trained in leadership, being a support and resource for Israel Next, receiving extra leadership challenges and opportunity to grow as a leader.

NB! This practice experience is only available for those taking a second or third year. The expences for this trip are not included in the school fee so the students willing to join has to plan beforehand an economical plan to finance the trip.

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